Play Equipment & Design Trends

As we’ve grown and witnessed the constant changes in playground structure, what should we expect to see now? Recycled rubber mulch surfacing? Free standing play structures? Triple chute slides? After conducting some research, here are the following popular trends in play equipment:

  • Themed Playgrounds: barnyard, garden, or ocean-themed structures that encourage children to dive into their imagination.
  • High Structure Playgrounds: more structures are rising to two and three-leveled structures that children can see beyond the horizons
  • Physically Challenging Structures: with concerns to child obesity, play structures are more physically enduring with more Climbers that work every muscle group in the human body
  • Electronic Components: playground¬†manufacturers are discovering new ideas to incorporate electronic play equipment with the outdoors such as devices that records voices and repeats them in a warped and distorted way.

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