Leaving Nature in Design; Promoting the Outdoors

Today’s youth have found it increasingly hard to get outside and appreciate the outdoors.  However, updating parks and playgrounds can go a long way in turning this trend around and getting kids back to physical recreation.  New and natural designs in play structures that work with the original park landscape, including the trees and rocks already in place, and expand upon them add excitement while maintaining environmental friendliness.

Cutting edge design techniques paired with new playground technology can seamlessly blend a play-system into a park and create a new, positive attitude towards being active outside.  Having fun outdoors is the point.   Many players have become involved in revamping this awareness, including the American Society of Landscape Architects, which has encouraged a new trend of reconnecting with nature through its Children’s Outdoor Environment movement and its promotion of the “No Child Left Inside Act.”

The Kidrox Mt. Rainier Surf. Mnt

The Kidrox Mt. Rainier Surf. Mnt

Form and structure can play a key role in advancing this movement.  In combining products that flow together, such as a free standing rock wall or an organic feeling mega tower with a surface like dark bark chips, an effortless feel is attained.  Kids will love climbing on the wall or tower too.  A new vision of the park has emerged, one that strays from chain link fences and asphalt and instead plays off of the native environment with the twists and turns of modern structures.         

Playgrounds will be most successful when they are attractive and clean in relation to their surroundings, and also exhilarating when used.  Such as the April 8th post shows, a theme can go a long way in adding to the experience of a park.  Getting today’s youth back outside depends on using all of the tools available to build a unique and electrifying experience.        


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