Big News for California Education Budget


Good things happened for California schools late last week; we are glad to share the news as this next week begins.  In an AP article, Libby Quaid recently wrote that $4 billion was issued to help restore the state’s curtailed budget and “fill budget holes.”  In doing so, reports Quaid, this special fund will aid teachers who face layoffs, potentially offering protection from almost 30,000 pink slips that were delivered a month ago.  Gov. Schwarzenegger will begin to disperse funds to school districts to be spent on school needs immediately.  


This much needed aid comes at the right time, as schools seem to have been under financial pressure for quite some time now.  Whether or not these allocations will solve the education budget crisis has yet to be seen, but one thing is for certain, there will be accountability for the dollars spent through the tracking of educational improvement and progress.      featured a brief from Friday the 17th, stating California was the first state approved for this type of funding after it successfully completed Part 1 of the State Stabilization Application.  Under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, California will be eligible from another $2 billion in the fall.  Following the link, added that $1.3 billion has already been given to California for education stimulus and school enhancements, as well as other worthy programs. 


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