How much will the stimulus package affect schools?

California schools are the last on the totem pole to receive funding from the government to support teachers, after school programs, staff members, and school structures. Under the approved state budget approved, California schools and community colleges will be forced to cut $7.4 billion from their budgets this year and $3.2 billion in 2009. Even with  the $787-billion federal economic stimulus package that is expected to send billions to school districts, there isn’t enough funding to pay off deficits. As a result, schools are left in the same situation, except that California schools are in a smaller hole than before. Because of reduced state funding, school districts across the state are dealing with difficult decisions. They have been cutting spending annually in recent years, such as reducing the administrative staff, cutting back on maintenance, and reducing the cleaning schedule. With the proposed budget cuts, there will be minimal funds for schools and cities to spend on future projects or to upgrade and build new playstructures, which would then lead to unsafe and hazardous playgrounds for children to play on. What will happen when old play structures deteriorate? How will California budget cuts and the stimulus package affect landscape architect firms?


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