The Encroaching Summer and Slide Fun


Summer is almost here and the sun is already peaking through. An excellent way to stay cool and keep the heat at bay is to stay close to the water. If a pool is your water-play source, than a slide can be an amazing asset for entertainment and an easy cure for boredom on long, hot days. Slides these days come in all sorts of shapes, any of which can make your destination a remarkable one.  Banks and turns are the trademark of modern water slides.  These colorful additions have the ability offer a few choices of runs within a single piece and can turn a standard lap-swim pool into a distinct outdoor haven.

Also available are pool slides. Although a bit smaller in scope, multiple chutes attached to the deck can still cater to a big group of children. Most of these slides are built for kids aged two to twelve, but some are meant for younger ages so be sure to check weight specs on any slide or play equipment before purchase and installation. Whether a single or a quadruple slide setup will best fit your needs, the pleasure of water-play close to home is something you’ll want to have as an option.



Getting a break from the heat is one thing, but protecting oneself against the sun is another. The post below describes why shade structures are essential to decrease skin cancer risks at these places to play—whether that is at a pool or a park. Also, keep sunscreen on while outdoors, and wear a hat or sunglasses to protect the eyes from sun damage. Keep these tips in mind, and get outdoors for more fun.


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