City Beautification

Not only is California hurting financially, it is also aching for a change of face. We hear about gum stuck to the sidewalks with little money in the budget to clean the problem up. And in city squares, cracked bricks will have to wait out the recession for a face lift. However, in other places, old age is being taken on from the ground up. The Dirt Blog in the ASLA website posted that in Chicago, two new pavilions are in the works. The post speaks about the projects in terms of “urban development” and art, as well as recycling.

These pavilions are principally meant to benefit those people who visit them, as the April 7th article in the Chicago Tribune pointed out—this article is linked to by the Dirt Blog. In these hard financial times, ventures such as these can stimulate a city’s economy immediately by way of new jobs in the planning and construction stages. In the long term, urban development centered in beautification can motivate tourism and migration. Also, it can encourage existing citizens to get out of the house and experience their local environments in a more upbeat way. In all time frames, positive effects can outweigh, and even repay, the spending.

Legacy Heritage Park Bench

Legacy Heritage Park Bench

Projects like these don’t have to be as grand as entire new pavilions either. Although big spending can bring about bigger projects, smaller projects can still change perceptions—and at a lower price. Specifically, scaling down beatification to new benches or surfacing will nonetheless produce noticeable changes. In the end, cities need clean, open spaces to be truly appreciated.


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