Playground Safety, Surfaces

When the clouds roll in and the rain starts to pour, a slick surface can cause all sorts of trouble.  And usually, a slick surface is a hard one.  Cement or asphalt under play equipment is potentially hazardous for many reasons.  There is the likely hood of becoming riddled with puddles during a drizzle.  Also, a solid surface acts as an inflexible landing site in the event of a fall.  In any case, placing flexible rubber under a playground will prevent many injuries do to spills and mulch chips and sand will certainly not allow water to accumulate on the surface during rain showers.  Providing soft ground will solve many injury related problems.

Rubber mulch is available in different colors, such as blue, red, green, and brown.

green rubber mulch

green rubber mulch

A unique surfacing option comes with SpectraTurf, which uses shapes and a wide array of colors to create imaginative designs.  Another durable solution is wood fiber.

Play ground safety does not stop at the floor though; maintains that adult supervision is the most reliable way of keeping kids at play safe.  Adults can monitor many conditions that may arise during an outing and their experience adds certain vantage points that most children miss all together.  The site has comprehensive pages of playground safety advice that are well worth checking out.


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