Rock Walls and Climbers

In the distance, next to some slides, a wall rises up to connect an enormous tower with the ground below.  Now closer, yellow, red, and blue hand and foot holds come into view, enticing visitors to scale to the top.  This is a climbing wall and it is one of the most exciting and memorable playground features these days.  What makes this element so great?  Reasons may originate in our ancestors and their summiting of the great peaks of the world, or the human desire to reach out to the top—or maybe the reasons lye in simple fun.  Which ever it may be, a climbing wall adds a facet of entertainment that cannot be found at the average playground.

HAGS offers many climbing products, as does Miracle.  The HAGS systems link slides and pole tops with horizontal climbing walls; or towers and the ground with a vertical wall, as told of above.  The form of HAGS is very contemporary, consisting of asymmetrical twists and curves that appear to come out of thin air.  HAGS also has other lines that are equally as enjoyable.



Miracle rock and climber products have a natural feel and exist as free standing features that look like the real thing.  These can be placed anywhere, but are usually seen next to playgrounds.  Rock climbers add diversity to a site and can juxtapose the metal and plastic of a play structure with reminiscences of nature.  Surround this area with trees and shade structures and suddenly, a truly unique play park is created.  While play structures such as towers and slides are the industry standard at playgrounds, rock walls and climbers add an irreplaceable component that generates a longing to go back.

Miracle's Kidrox Mt. Hood

Miracle's Kidrox Mt. Hood


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