Prop 1B Voted Down


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News came today of more shaky ground underneath the already faltering feet of California Schools as the May, 19th Special Election proposition 1B was voted down.  Prop 1B would have set aside money from all state revenues in order to ensure that the public school and the community college systems would be re-payed adequate funding for the 2009-2010 and 2011-2012 fiscal years.  This budget totaled $9.3 billion dollars with the possibility of up to $200 million more to cover maintenance factors.

The prop, introduced by Assembly Member Bass, was voted down %59.1 to %40.1 as written in the Policy Report, cited in the Secretary of State’s Office.  The prop was formulated to contest the recent $12 billion dollars in educational budget cuts, which “forced the layoffs of more than 5,000 teachers,” and threatened the jobs of 13,000 more, said David A. Sanchez, President of the California Teachers Association, in his argument in favor of Prop 1B.  The reduction of class sizes, the rehiring of teachers, the purchasing of new text-books, and the funding of “critical educational programs” were among the benefits chopped by voters.   

No arguments against Prop 1B were officially registered in PR, but sources including the Legislative Analyst’s Office suggest that state savings would have taken place in the short term, but billions could be lost to educational funding in the future.

Californian teachers, classrooms, and supplemental programs will have to find another avenue for funding.


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