Accessibility Adds to Excellence

How great the accessibility is to a playground determines how well it can be used by visitors.  Quality accessibility isn’t just equated by the road leading up to the site and how easy it is to find on a map, or how many cars the parking lot near the site can hold.  Good access to a playground really comes down to how many kids can use the equipment at one time and how long the kids have to wait to use it.  For instance, if a child has to wait in line for five minutes to take a slide ride, and there is no other equipment available during this time, accessibility can be seen as limited.  On the other hand, if there are many features available—nets, spring-riders, rock climbers—and children constantly have equipment to play on, the site can be seen to have a high level of accessibility.

Ladder Access at Parkside Aquatic Park

Ladder Access at Parkside Aquatic Park

Obviously, the easiest way to create this high level is to incorporate many features at the play site in order to cater to as many children as possible in terms of their numbers and interests.  Moreover, because children at certain ages take interest in common features—slides, climbers, swings—it might be beneficial to place multiple features of the same kind at a single site so that if, say one slide is getting slammed, another one across the grounds can take on the overflow.

Slide Options at Dover Park

Slide Options at Dover Park

Another way to boost access is to implement as many ramps, stair cases, sliding poles, ladders, and climbers as possible so that children have different options of approach.  In adding more entrances and exits, children and their attention spans are captivated longer while they are exercising the playground’s increased access selections.   These also had to safety if for any reason a quick exit of the site by all is necessary.  In order to create an excellent playground many factors must be taken into account—accessibility is just one, but none the less it is quite important.


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