Building a New Park

Build Spaces that Benefit the Community

Build Spaces that Benefit the Community

The need for positive modifications to our cities is greater than ever.  Instead of putting in a new parking structure, how about building a new park?  Parks are advantageous to communities in many ways.  New jobs are created and insured through the creation of parks, as workers are needed for both construction and maintenance.  As all surely know, jobs are crucial for the wellbeing of the economy.  The production of a park can work well within the existing landscape to cut down on expenditures. 

For instance, water hungry grass can be reduced to being used in a few sports fields and some recreation areas and the usual grassy expanses of parks can be replaced with trails and bark areas to further decrease maintenance and water costs.  Reducing supply costs will leave more money for workers.   Open spaces like parks are places for activity and will increase the physical health of a community; creating more jobs will increase the economic health of a community.

Discover New Places to Build Playgrounds

Discover New Places to Build Playgrounds

Getting back to working within the landscape; there is no need to bulldoze the entire area.  Instead, landscape architects can use forward thinking design methods to incorporate the existing site characteristics into the new park in order to minimize construction costs.  In doing this, money is saved for future repairs/revisions and paying workers higher wages.  Landscape architects, urban planners, and city desginers may also have to stray from traditional park sites to find places for new parks.  But these are just some ideas.

Bark doesn't Require Much Upkeep

Use Surfaces that don't Require Much Upkeep

In building a new park, if a park had one soccer field or one baseball diamond and a few grassy areas past these, putting picnic tables on a large concrete floor under a shade structure, the need for costly water would be greatly reduced.  Also, construct a durable playground, one that utilizes methods to reduce maintenance supply fees, on a rubber or bark surface that doesn’t require much upkeep and additional money is saved, especially over the long term.  Then, use bark trails to form a series of loops around the whole site (fields, picnic area, and playground) for those who want to walk around.  By doing all of these things, parks can reduce expenses, while still providing jobs and a place to play.  All persons involved in the creation of parks must be particularly innovative in these challenging budgetary times for continued benefit of our communities.


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