New Sustainable Playground Tech and Techniques

To take a contemporary playground design from the planning stages to the grand opening requires a lot of moving and shaking; now, Miracle Recreation Equipment Company has made all that production more sustainable.  In today’s challenging budget climate, it is harder than ever to invent valuable green technologies that in turn help a different climate.  At Miracle however, a great deal of time and energy has been spent innovating new technologies that support the environment, while continuing to support the communities they have long served with advantageous playground prices and durability. 

Recycled Rubber Mulch Possibilites

Recycled Rubber Mulch Possibilites

Some of the newest sustainable technologies Miracle, as told of on their website, has incorporated into their playgrounds are in the form modern recycling methods.  For instance, in the Kid Timbers line, damaged plastic molded parts are reused to manufacture the equipment.  As stated in the post from June 18, 2009 steel and aluminum is recycled and used in playscape posts, handrails, and clamps—also, all steel cutoffs are made into new steel.  In the surfacing arena, recycled rubber is used to make rubber mulch.  On the other end of the reuse spectrum, Miracle also sells off plastic regrind, conserving its usable waste so that is doesn’t just end up adding to the dump.

Steel and Aluminum is Reused in Playground Components

Steel and Aluminum is Reused in Playground Components

Through its manufacturing processes as well, Miracle Recreation Equipment Company has limited their impact on the environment.  For instance, by identifying additional metals that can be reused, Miracle furthers its sustainable practices.  Also by continually upgrading manufacturing equipment to integrate the newest, most efficient techniques, waste is significantly reduced.  Furthermore, they are always on the hunt for the newest battery and plastic recycling methods.

Committed to Innovation and Sustainability

Committed to Innovation and Sustainability

Now, certified with ISO 14001 environmental management system standards, as listed on their website, Miracle has shown its persistent commitment to green practices and sustainability and has earned recognition at the professional level.  Playgrounds already benefit communities in so many ways; incorporating sustainable technologies will further those advantages even more.


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