Playground Manufacturing Innovations make Environmental Gains

New techniques have been invented by playground manufacturers that not only save consumers money, but also work towards benefiting the environment.  These methods include reducing consumption through the reduction of resources used and the updating of playground manufacturing devices that utilize modern day technology to limit and reuse waste and maximize the opportunity for recycling.

408685 The HAGS brand incorporates a variety of innovation practices that benefit the environment, as it says on their website.  For example, their manufacturing plant supplies 100% of its heating through sustainable biomass wood based fuel and electric power generated from wind and water sources.  Also, the boiler used reduces emissions making the chimney gas cleaner before releasing it into the atmosphere.


To reduce the resources required to make playgrounds safe, as written on the HAGS website, they use profiled steel that has a high yield point—rather than a thick, low yield point steel.  By doing this, strength is maintained and the materials that are used are cut by 10-15%.  Furthermore, by powder coating the steel in the painting process, no paint solvents are released into the air and no paint is wasted.  Here, two methods in the construction of steel playground parts greatly reduce HAGS’s environmental impact.

408675Waste management is also practiced by the company.  Because the waste produced by the manufacturing plant is sorted every day, many raw materials are salvaged and are put to use in other areas.  For example, a great deal of aluminum is saved and reused and so are wood scraps, other metals, and plastics.  Overall, the HAGS brand focuses on making all aspects of production ecologically friendly so that those benefits can be passed on to the consumer both directly and indirectly.



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