Innovation Encourages the Benefits of Play

Contemporary playground designers use innovation to create new experiences for children.  So, when a new playground is built, kids get to put to use the latest play features.  A transformation occurs here.  Not only is there new equipment to play on, but also the previously unseen forms inspire children to imagine differently, and see the world they know in a different light.  Sure, it might seem a bit wondrous, but a child really progresses and gains significant awareness by being able to imagine and play in different environments.  It is critical for landscape architects and other playground designers to use modern day advances in playscapes to give them the opportunity.

An Environment for the Imagination to Expand

An Environment for the Imagination to Expand In says play, “promotes social skills… builds the imagination… and advances physical development,” in children.  For these reasons, providing them with the appropriate environment that is safe, exciting, and accessible is quite important.  One feature that allows all three of these aspects is the Mega Tower—however there are many others that do the same.  Mega Towers though are large enough to cater to a large number of children, so they are accessible; they are very well crafted and offer safety; finally, they can link to slides and climbing walls and are seriously exciting.  Innovation here expands the benefits of play past an adequate environment… new technology can make those environments spectacular.

Using the Imagination Builds Character

Using the Imagination Builds Character

Playground technology advancements don’t stop with the Mega Tower though; there are many other modern features that improve the environments where children play.  Ramps and bridges offer children a great chance to create their own experience.  With captivating, original designs, even these simple features provide the opportunity for imaginations to shape them even further.  Another great feature that is often underplayed is the overhead climber/challenge which is uncomplicated and in prime condition for children to make their own.  Through innovation and an available space, the benefits of play are given a chance so that kids can better shape their identity.

Provide and Exciting Space for Play

Provide an Exciting Space for Play


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