Attractive Technology Advances in Spray Parks

A Waterplay spray park is one avenue to coolness in this scorching summer and will be a ticket to heat relief next year too. Since 1987, Waterplay Solutions Corp. has done “thousands of park installations,” each one producing a unique water recreation experience for those who get outside and go visit the different mystified sites. Their innovative designs have advanced the options a designer can work with when implementing one of these contemporary attractions into a proposed site.

Getting soaked has never been so fun.

Getting soaked has never been so fun.

A spray park has the best of both worlds in that they offer a place to get wet and play, but there is no standing water so safety is substantially greater than a traditional water park. Also, it is more affordable for visitors because most likely it is located at a park or a free spot. The chance of slipping at a spray park decreases while the accessibility of the site increases. Other locations that are great for these wet and wild gems, and that Waterplay recommends, are housing developments, daycares, hotels, aquatic facilities, and most private and public spaces.

Ready, Aim, Water...

Ready, Aim, Water...

With features named the Tuney Tube, the Misty Twisty, and the Push N Play, Waterplay Solutions caters to many styles in fun ways and can even build systems with musical features. Beyond music, water canons are available and aim at giving kids the chance to dowse each other with H2O. Stationary water sprayers come in ring, flower, horn, and frog shapes and will impress any visitor with a variety of highly aesthetic color schemes.

Chill out and cool off under a flower shaped sprayer.

Chill out and cool off under a flower shaped sprayer.

Don’t forget to take shade breaks while out in the sun, regardless if you’re staying cool under the water the whole time. Also, a waterproof sun block will keep you safe from harmful rays while you get drenched. Spray parks, hopefully with picnic areas next to them, are great places for adults and kids to get outdoors and have fun in the sun…while getting a little wet, or completely soaked, in the process.


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