Features that Maximize a Design’s Theme and Drive it Forward with Extra Benefits

Would a built-in lookout improve your design’s medieval theme?  Could a Race Car Panel with a Steering Wheel and a 90˚ turn change the way visitors see your raceway envisioned playscape?  How far would a Leaf Roof that provides an artificial canopy go in establishing your nature inspired design?  Extra additions such as these can drive a theme forward and take a design to the next level.

A theme can easily be created with the insight of forward thinking designers, especially when those designers have the products to take a theme and turn it into a detailed masterpiece.  Products that aid in a theme’s final production—and make a playground especially memorable to visitors—are Play Panels, Roofs, and Ramps.  Play Panels line the parameters of decks, acting as a safety device and a play feature.  Roofs provide shade and offer children places to hide from plain view and imagine a different world.  Ramps extend accessibility and will contribute to the overall form of a site as well as the playscape’s theme.  With these final touches, a playground that has the first-class features to match will be sure to attract visitors seeking play again and again.

Whether it’s the side of a pirate ship, an ambulance cockpit, or a Finger Maze, a Play Panel from Miracle Recreation Company will add an ornate structural appeal to a playground design.  These small features allow children to dream up their own pretend worlds and invent their own idea of fun.  One kid could be behind a Command Post with Steering Wheel, winning the Indy 500 while the next could be driving a crew of explorers on an African safari.  With Play Panels, creativity is maximized.

Not only does a Roof provide shelter against the hot sun, but it also contributes greatly to the overall theme of a playground.  An animal theme can be improved with a Flippopotumas Roof.  Castle themes can be improved with different versions of tower roofs.  Furthermore, color schemes can be matched by the roof to unify the design.

Ramps are another fantastic way to enhance the aesthetic appeal of a design.  They have the ability to add a great deal of depth and form to a design.  With the right designer, ramps can turn a standard playground into a twisting and winding playscape masterpiece.  With the right Ramps, Roofs, and Play Panels, a playscape design is sure to surpass the average playground.


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