Play Equipment Feature Spotlight: the Orb-x Climber

Orb-x Climber

The Orb-x Climber, from Miracle Recreation Company, is one of the most cutting edge play features available today.  Combining high levels of accessibility and function with stunning visual appeal, the Orb-x challenges those who climb on it and impresses those who look at it.  Captivating visitors who follow the lines of its endless curves with their eyes, this feature instantly enhances a playground’s design statement in the midst of almost any theme at any site.

So what exactly is this futuristic looking playground attraction?  The model is registered as a climbing apparatus, and it’s perfect for that.  Specifically, it’s made of four bars that rise out of the ground in a cross formation, curving inwards towards each other, to support a sphere made up of bubble panels and circular bars.   To children however, it could be any one of a million imagined things—space station, time machine, ancient ruin…and the list goes on and on.  The Orb-x can test a kid’s balance, scaling ability, and strength, as well as his or her mind’s eye.

In terms of design, the Orb-x is versatile and can fit into most concepts with as little work as switching the color scheme.  It really is just that easy on the eyes.  Furthermore, being an independent, free-standing piece, it isn’t restricted to where it can be placed as far as being connected to a larger play structure.  With contemporary style and high functionality, the Orb-x offers onlookers a memorable image and climbers a cool experience.


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