Duel-Use Sites offer Advantages to both Adults and Children!

Children are not the only ones who can gain from the benefits of play.  There is a variety of outdoor fitness equipment available from Miracle Recreation Equipment Company that can be built next to a playground so that while the kids are at play, adults can get in a workout.  By constructing sites that have duel uses, getting outside is easier than ever.  Why go to the gym when you could be outside, engaging in activity or exercise, while your child does the same, right next to you…

The Adult Course Horizontal Ladder.

The Adult Course Horizontal Ladder.

Everything from dip stations and balance beams to push up bars and vertical climbs are ready to go, from the Outdoor Fitness line.  In fact, there are so many apparatuses to choose from, a whole obstacle course could be put in.  So after work or picking up the kids from school you may not think there is time to do everything—including taking the kids to park to play and making time to stay in shape, all before dinner.  However, if your community had a space that both adults and kids could make use of, everyone could get in a little activity before getting too hungry.  The point is, everyone wins when parks provide activities for all ages.

The Adult Fintess Course Balance Beam.

The Adult Fintess Course Balance Beam.

Of course, safety is the next thing that comes to mind.  Communities will need to determine the level of safety required and what rules will best work for them.  Examples may include: only adults who have children at play can work out on the Outdoor Fitness equipment; and adults must make sure their child is still supervised while working out (this would be easy with a workout buddy).  Overall, the benefits of duel sites far outweigh the risks when the appropriate measures have been taken.  By placing adult Outdoor Fitness next to a playground, family outings are encouraged and time spent outside is a bit more convenient.

The Adult Fitness Course Vertical Climb.

The Adult Fitness Course Vertical Climb.


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