The Innovative HAGS Play Circle takes the Functionality of the Benefits of Play to New Heights

The benefits of play, which include increased levels in social abilities, physical fitness, and self-esteem, are certainly well documented.  Expanding on the functional knowledge of these benefits in terms of playground equipment is the HAGS brand.  Through their new Play Circle device, one can better understand “which type of knowledge can be obtained in the different areas of play, and the impact it has on the child’s development.”  With this helpful innovation, a person designing or purchasing a playground will be able to see how various playground features play different roles in promoting the well-being of children through play.


Copyright HAGS Aneby AB

The documented skill sets by HAGS’s Play Circle include developments in these areas: personal, existential, social, intuition, mathematical, musical, visual, physical, linguistic, and environmental.  These areas are tagged with identifiable symbols that differentiate which pieces promote different skill sets.  The symbols help a designer target improving specific areas in children—such as self-esteem, thinking abilities, speaking abilities, physical and mental senses, fitness level, spatial awareness, or social interaction—that may be the requirement of clients.  The designer can also make a client aware of this credible tool.


Copyright HAGS Aneby AB

Designers can use the benefits of play to their own and to their client’s advantage, but the biggest winner is the children.  By combining a variety of features that will target different areas important in a child’s development, kids will have fun and gain the skills they deservingly need.  It is also true that the variety of pieces it takes to promote the benefits of play in a well-rounded fashion will also most likely combine to form a complete, distinguishable, and creative playscape design.  Be sure to use this tool, from HAGS, and keep the benefits of play in mind during all playground projects.


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