Playground Spotlight Feature: the Cyclone, from HAGS

The Cylone swings back and forth while spinning around like a furious storm.

The Cylone swings back and forth while spinning around like a furious storm. Copyright HAGS Aneby AB

The Cyclone is a free-standing stand-out.  With the ability to load kids on and swing like a pendulum while twisting around, this playground feature brings a truly original experience to the table.  Not only will it captivate those who ride it, it will also leave a striking image lingering in the memory banks of onlookers.  HAGS has combined modern day technology with a contemporary idea to form something very special with this feature because it swings back and forth and spins around on its own axis!

With a wheel for handle, the Cyclone allows those who hang on to control it rather easily.  “Both movement and speed can be controlled with wheel,” so visitors can feel the full fury of a storm with the option of restraining its power if the experience gets a little too real.  Rated for people between the ages of five and eighty, most everyone besides small children can enjoy this cutting-edge playground contraption.

HAGS has shown that it can turn fresh concepts into real inventions that become the standard of the playground world.  The Cyclone is one of these inventions, and can be implemented at any site, especially at one using the HAGS Agito line, of which the Cyclone is a member.  Take this feature to your site and turn the space into a destination that all visitors to it will remember.


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