Playground Spotlight Feature, from Xccent Play!: the Gravitron

The Gravitron takes up little space, while providing a high level of accessibility.

The Gravitron takes up little space, while providing a high level of accessibility.

Everyone hang on, the Gravitron is about to start spinning. One of the newest playground inventions from Xccent Play!, the Gravitron, is one of those rare features that is stand-alone and supports many kids hanging all around it at once. With its unique design, in which allows about five kids to swing around on it at once, while the piece itself takes up little surface area, this is a creation that is highly accessible and can fit into almost any site design.

Kids power the Gravitron with their own momentum—by swinging their legs—and have to hold on tight, so this feature provides tremendous physical gains. Also, in terms of the advantages gained through play, the Gravitron positions kids so that they face each other, a technique that encourages eye-contact and social immersion, characteristics documented as crucial by experts, including the devisors of the benefits of play. This feature, by Xccent Play! entertains its users and supplies them with invaluable abilities that will assist them throughout life—really, play that improves well-being is that important… the Gravitron was designed for this purpose.

Innovation keeps pushing the bar higher in the playground world and right at that highest level is Xccent Play! and its newest invention. The Gravitron is cutting-edge in so many ways. Its design is first-class and extremely modern. The benefits that it provides are so substantial that you know they aren’t there by accident. And its stunning aesthetic appeal will make it a playground centerpiece. The Gravitron deserves this week’s spotlight.


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