A Fluid Design if More Attractive and Functional

Why is fluidity important in a playground design? Well, it contributes greatly to how attractive the design is visually and even improves the function of the eventual site. The fluidity of a playground design largely depends on the form of the equipment. That is, the overall shape, color, and configuration of the features combine to create a site’s flow. With positive flow comes natural aesthetic appeal and a general sense of uniformity. However, if a site’s features clash and fluidity is not achieved, often a design can appear awkward and in disarray.

Copyright HAGS Aneby AB

Copyright HAGS Aneby AB

There are really two different ways a site can be positively effected by the correct implementation of fluidity. One way is based in functionality. A playground is the sum of many different pieces of equipment—features. The arrangement of these features is important because they create the accessibility of a site, the conditions for how well children can move through the area without congestion, and can also decrease the inherent danger associated with any playground.

Copyright HAGS Aneby AB

Copyright HAGS Aneby AB

For instance: facing slides and swings, in close proximity, in different directions will decrease the chance of possible collisions, allowing kids to move about easier and with less worry; placing a rock climber so that its peak connects with a slide deck will move kids through these popular features faster; and offering many ways to access and exit mega towers will decrease congestion. Also, in the most basic sense of fluidity, rounded corners are less dangerous than sharp corners and angles.

Copyright HAGS Aneby AB

Copyright HAGS Aneby AB

The other positive aspect of a site’s fluidity is the imagery associated with a streamlined design. A design that has great movement will be much more visually appealing than one lacking a general sense of congruity. People tend to remember attractive visuals and forget those that aren’t. By making sure your design has fluidity, its function and value is increased.


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