This Week’s Playground Spotlight Feature: the Matterhorn

The Matterhorn... scale, twist, laugh.

The Matterhorn... scale, twist, laugh.

Climb, spin, race, and enjoy an original experience. This week’s playground feature spotlight shines on a unique climber, the Matterhorn from Miracle Recreation Company. This columned contraption comes in a four-way and a three-way model. The Matterhorn is free-standing, so it can be added to any playground site. It doesn’t take up a great deal of surface area, so it will fit nicely into unused design spaces. Plus, three or four kids can give it a whirl at once, so its accessibility level is high and so is the level of interaction it promotes.

As children climb to the top of the Matterhorn, individual circular pieces spin in different directions, depending on where weight is placed on them, offering a challenge to even expert playground climbers. Climbing isn’t the only activity this feature provides. Spinning around on it is another potential venture. Between climbing and spinning, what else could a kid want in a playground feature?

Another positive aspect of the Matterhorn is its appearance. While its name—in adult climbing terms—commands respect, its appearance in this kids version is down right goofy. A comical appearance in kid terms is a great trait. With four top like pieces stacked on top of one another that bubble out and curve in, the visual the Matterhorn instills in visitors is reminiscent of a circus. With its unique appearance, and its ability to give children a scaling and twisting experience, the Matterhorn is this week’s playground spotlight feature.


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