The Spotlight Feature of the Week: the Rope Climber

Technology and innovation allowed for the creation of the Rope Climber.

Technology and innovation allowed for the creation of the Rope Climber.

What’s that playscape feature standing tall and stretching out its nets over that playground over there? It’s the Rope Climber, from Miracle Recreation Company. This interesting climbing product comes together thanks to innovation and technology from one of the leaders in the playground industry. It is no surprise that this feature is one of the most popular around once you see it up close and climb around on it. Not only is the Rope Climber entertaining for children, it is also visually appealing so it draws new visitors into your site.

With its tallest point at the center, the Rope Climber has rope arms that branch out from all side and intertwine using many rope connections. Because of its complexity, this great piece offers children a place to test their balance, strength, and focus. Really, the Rope Climber was created to impress those who use it—both through its form and purpose.

Being standalone is a great attribute of the Rope Climber. This allows it to be constructed at existing playgrounds and also implemented easily into new playground designs. If you are a designer, be sure to add this feature into your next rendering to see how it looks; chances are it will improve your designs range by adding complexity and variety. Technology and innovation were needed to produce this unique playground feature, the Rope Climber… making it the spotlight feature of the week.


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