New Technology in Playground Paint Coatings to Protect Against Bacteria…

Currently, improving health conditions is a big issue in this country. Hand sanitizers and frequent washing is a great way for everyone to stay clean. However, children may be less likely to partake in regular, health sustaining practices. For this reason, Miracle Recreation Company has invented a new technique for minimizing the spread of germs in one of the most common areas for children to physically interact with each other–the playground. Specifically, a new technology has been combined into the paint coatings of playgrounds, called Mira-Cote™, which acts as an anti-microbial agent that works against all sorts of harmful organisms… including bacteria, fungus, and algae. Plus, Mira-Cote™ is also resistant to mold and mildew… a function that will decrease the rate in which the equipment breaks down.

Playgrounds 486

Think about all the places at a playground children touch; now think about how many germs could be reduced with bacteria fighting paint!

Mira-Cote™ will truly improve the safety of a playground, in a more non-traditional way. Normally, playground safety is associated with rules such as ‘no horse-play’ and ‘using the equipment in the way it is designed to be used,’ but with anti-microbial paint, safety is taken to another, often less thought of level. By taking the time during the design stages of a playground to incorporate all those well-being encouraging technologies available, the site is greatly improved.

playground 697

Handles, rails, and grips can all be coated so heavily touched areas don't produce bacteria.

Mira-Cote™ also comes in a wide range of colors, so it can be implemented in a large array of themes and designs. This feature of anti-microbial paint increases the frequency in which it can be used. The more sites the better. Anti-microbial paint is truly a groundbreaking invention that will absolutely improve the lives of children.

Playgrounds 368

Anti-microbial paint also protects against mold and mildew so breakdown doesn't occur as quickly.


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