Great Heights Lead to Effective Sites…

Although it may seem like a basic concept, height can play a key role in how popular your playground is. Adding height to a playground is very advantageous to a site for a few reasons. One, the site is more noticeable from further away, especially if it can be seen from more major roadways and streets. Two, when a visitor approaches the site, they will instantly notice the theme and the colors directly, however indirectly, how large and tall the site is will have an effect on how impressed they are by it. Lastly, the height will usually determine how entertaining the site is. Stairways, tall slides, multiple decks, climbers and poles all contribute to greater heights and more entertainment, whereas flat sites are less fun to be on because the tend to be simply dull.

Tower Slide

The size of this slide deck is truly huge. Its height is about three stories and can be seen from all around!

Expanding on the last point, sites that are overall close to the ground are boring in appearance and in function. Which would you rather do: climb up a tall rock wall and venture on multiple decks that increase in elevation with each new one, all before shooting down a massive slide… or balance six inches off the ground on a beam before hitting the mini-slide. Well, hopefully if you are a child you would want to do both, but if you had to choose one it would probably be the first scenario. The point is, having features with more height usually equates to more fun.

This bubble climber is thin and tall in proportion, so it adds the perception of height.

Feature Boundary at Vintage Green Valley Park

In terms of appearance, tall heights are much more appealing and noticeable than short heights. This is do to the fact that usually taller features are more complex than shorter ones and will also be picked up by the eye easier. It all seems pretty basic, until you see a playground that completely lacks height and then this point suddenly registers as important. So, remember that height plays a major factor in a site’s success—and the taller the better.

playground 34

Covering can add tremendous height as well as advantageous shade cover.


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