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The Benefits of Play are more Important than Ever…

November 30, 2009

Play has so many upsides that it is hard to count them all. For instance, did you know that there is a direct link between relaxation, tension reduction, and play? Or, that empathy and perspective-taking is gained through play and so are conflict resolution skills? At the Play = Learning website, many positive benefits are clearly outlined under such categories as emotional, physical, social, cognitive, and language development. Read on to learn more!

Play increases self-esteem and creativity. Copyright HAGS Aneby AB

The Benefits of Play are well documented at the Play = Learning website. When children play, especially with one another, they learn, share, and grow in one simultaneous process. Although education in school is very important, education through play teaches certain things that cannot be gained in the classroom. For instance, during play, the imagination is allowed to expand and create without classroom limits. At certain times, concentration is required in the classroom and this is important. However, there are other times when a child must be free from most restraints so that anxiety reduction can occur. Here attention regulation occurs more naturally and evenly.

Play teaches motor skills that are important through out life. Copyright HAGS Aneby AB

Moreover, there are specific skills that simply cannot be learned in the classroom. For example, physical skills such as coordination, balance, strength, and endurance must be developed outside in most cases. Health is a triangle… emotional, physical, and mental stability is needed for total well-being. Communication and language skills are also learned heavily outside of the classroom. How often will a child get to speak when he or she must wait their turn among thirty others? Well, at recess, they can communicate with one another unhindered for greater lengths to acquire valuable skills. Let kids play; it’s for their own good.

Experiences such as this one on the Clear Rock Wall will encourage a child's story-telling abilities.


Playground Spotlight of the Week: the Balance Beam…

November 29, 2009

Go back to the classics with the Balance Beam.

When designing a playground, including cutting edge equipment in the plan is a great idea. However, adding in a few of the traditional pieces will ensure than your design will register among every one and will even appear a bit cheerfully nostalgic. For instance, every adult can recall what it was like to walk, however unsteadily, across the Balance Beam. Although simple, this feature is terrifically entertaining. This is one experience all generations can appreciate at some age and most will say that they would hope that those younger than them have a chance to prove themselves on it… the Balance Beam.

This classic feature not only reminds us of our younger years, it is also quite safe, being low to the ground. Furthermore, this piece teaches balance and coordination, some of the skills documented under the benefits of play studies. What a great way to learn these physical skills at a young age in a playful environment. All it takes is climbing up on the Balance Beam and giving it your best shot and soon you are much better at getting all the way across it… balance and coordination are skills that will benefit someone in sports later down the road and through out the rest of their life.

What’s more, the Balance Beam is also highly accessible. More than one child can use it at one time and they can constantly take turns using it. Also, because it doesn’t take up much surface area, it can be fit into almost any design without much effort at all. There are so many characteristics that make the Balance Beam a great playscape feature. That is why it is this week’s Playground Spotlight of the Week!

Craftsmanship Equals Quality, Safety, and Savings…

November 26, 2009

Work with experience.

Not only is choosing the right equipment and the right site layout important in designing a playground, but so is choosing the right people to build the playscape. Craftsmanship is extremely important in playground construction, as well as all other building projects. Superior craftsmanship can be the difference between safety or danger, meeting the deadline or missing it, and saving money in maintenance fees over the years or wasting tons of money on needless repairs. That is why working with the best and those that know the best is extremely important in the design and construction stages.

Make quality a priority.

Because wear and tear will not effect well constructed sites as much, they will last a lot longer. The break down of these sites will be slower—supports will hold longer and connectors will remain secure for a greater period of time… and you will save money because you won’t have to replace parts as often. Look at cost effective products that will mean returns in the long run and the short run. By working with Miracle, you can save money at both ends. We supply top quality equipment and know first class builders that do every job right.

Do every job right.

Your playground should be built on time, in way that saves you money and increases the safety of your site. By working with the best designers, suppliers, and builders, you will ensure that your park is not only the best it can be, but also one of the best in general. Take the time to see why Miracle is considered one of the best in the business. Craftsmanship is key with any building project; at Miracle, we know craftsmanship.

Be Unique. Be Creative. Be Effective.

November 24, 2009

Unique features will create original experiences.

What will make your playground different than others in the area? Will it be the color scheme or the site theme? Will it be the layout? Perhaps the best way to distinguish your site in the community is by utilizing unique features that contribute to an individual playground identity. By checking out the other playgrounds in the area, you can get an idea as to what may work well, that you could build off of, or what they missed, that you could include. Features that are exciting, fresh, and aesthetically pleasing are your best bet in designing an original site.

Fresh forms and shapes will impress visitors.

Interesting forms will also help your playground stand out. Although some designs look new age, they are still very functional and will impress a client and community with their contemporary appeal. Step out of the box and include shapes and formats not usually seen in the standard design. Go above and beyond the norm and implement entirely new shapes in your playground. Play around with unique concepts. It is almost guaranteed that the more creative you get, the more a child will enjoy the site… let’s face it, a young imagination will take whatever you put it front of it and multiply it by ten with their growing mind’s eye—so start with something big and really get the creative juices flowing.

Go beyond the usual and develope original layouts.

Make your playground an original experience with fresh shapes, features, and forms. Keep pushing the envelope with design… playgrounds are in no way meant to be boring. If a design looks bizarre, but its functionality can be proven, chances are the site will be way more effective in entertaining children that the standard pony show. Take the time to create new playscapes that are fun and unique. Have fun!

The Playground Spotlight Feature of the Week: the Shade Structure

November 22, 2009

Install Shade now so its ready to go next summer.

This playground spotlight feature of the week is an entire feature concept… the Shade structure. Having shade is critical in high temperature areas and there is no better time to implement some into your site or design than in the playground off-season. While winter is in full force, take the time to install shade so that your site is ready to go by this spring. Shade protects against skin cancer, sun burns, and over heating, so it really should be included in all areas that one would normally put on sunscreen before going outside in the summer—that’s pretty much all of California. The great news is, contemporary Shade structures add to your design rather than taking away from it.

These days Shade structures come in all sizes and forms. They range from large enough to cover an entire playground to small enough for a single lifeguard tower. As far as shape goes, Shade comes in triangles and squares, hexagons and circles, and also in custom cuts. Also, almost any color is available so Shade will not only contribute to the functionality of your site, but also to the theme and concept of the design.

Don’t let your site go shadeless, install a Shade structure right now so that your site is ready to go by the time that May heat rolls around. Imagine a Shade structure as your playground’s new year’s resolution. It is healthy, it adds style, and it will impress your community. Shade is an all around great idea; that is why is the playground spotlight feature of the week.

Revolutionize Your Playground or Park with the SONIC SCREEN Vandal Deterrent System… Protect Your Site and Your Budget!

November 19, 2009

Are you looking for a ways to increase your park budget this year and every year after that? Is relying on public funding keeping your park from expanding… even in small ways? What if you could implement one system that is guaranteed to save not only your valuable budget, but also your precious time? Well, by implementing the SONIC SCREEN Vandal Deterrent System, through Miracle Playsystems, you could potentially save yourself thousands of dollars every year over the life time of the system by eliminating costly, unnecessary vandalism damages… Read on to learn more!

The Sonic Screen would protect this site...

My previous post explains that the SONIC SCREEN deters vandals by projecting a high frequency, piercing sound that only effects young adults at specifically set times when no one should be at the site. Also, that Miracle has exclusive rights in the US to this amazing technology because we have seen how effective it is—it has been working hard in Europe for over 20 years. Only now, with the ever increasing need to save fleeting funds in the US is the SONIC SCREEN suddenly a must have security device. Why will it be so important to you?

Because vandalism is on the rise and the last thing you need is to have to spend huge amounts from your hard-earned budget to clean up spray paint, nasty engravings, and fix broken up equipment. Imagine eliminating all that harmful trash that seems to appear each morning too… be the one who makes all those shattered bottles, cigarette butts, and aluminum cans disappear for good. Don’t let your site be a nightly hangout for the wrong crowd.

Watch a video that shows you more…

Protect this site today...

Get the ball rolling on the SONIC SCREEN Vandal Deterrent System today if you are through with catering to vandalism and crime. This unique device can be installed at new or existing sites and over time, it will save you huge sums of time and money. Stop the cycle now… be the difference and the one that can say, “I am responsible for changing my community.”

Click here to watch the Sonic Screen video.

Don't let any harm come to this Orb-x Climber...

Stop Vandalism Today with the SONIC SCREEN… Save Money and Increase Community Pride!

November 17, 2009

Vandalism is a big problem in today’s public spaces. For places like parks and playgrounds, vandalism can restrain visitations from the surrounding community and instead invite more crime. For this reason, it is more important than ever to deter vandals and all others in that same ‘up to no good’ category. To combat this growing nuisance, Miracle Playsystems has made available the Sonic Screen Vandal Deterrent… This one of a kind technology in the US is proven to be 84-100% effective in deterring vandalism, and only Miracle has made it ready for you… Go on to Read More!

The Sonic Screen would protect this Playground...

This cutting-edge technology uses high-pitched, ultra-sonic frequencies to repel vandalizing youths. Anyone between the ages 13 to 25 will hear an inescapable, intolerable buzzing sound that is non-harmful but very effective… and will be driven away. This technology has been successfully used for over 20 years in Europe to eliminate loitering in front of convenience stores and other problem areas where loitering occurs. The trick is, the Sonic Screen can be activated at specific, high vandalism times—mainly at night—so that no well meaning youth will be bothered during the day. Also, motion sensor technology will turn on the Sonic Screen only when needed, allowing energy to be saved.

playground 95

...and this one...

Imagine never having to pay for vandalism maintenance, restoration, or repairs again because you took the most technologically advanced, preventative steps possible. Put your community at ease with the Sonic Screen. The Sonic Screen can be implemented at any existing playground or included in a new design; and this great technology is almost guaranteed to pay for itself. Don’t be a part of the millions of dollars lost to public property damage each year in the US… get lined up with your own Sonic Screen so you can save your money for park improvements, and not for park cleanups.

...and this one...

Take the Time to Include Newly Innovated Playground Technology…

November 12, 2009

Playground technology gets better every year, that’s why it is so important to keep up with the latest trends and models when beginning to design a new site. Whether it’s a cutting-edge spiral slide or a new overhead challenge resembling the monkey bars like the Gravitron, implementing contemporary features into your playground design will impress all those who come across it. Are you thinking about how you can step up those traditional playscape pieces like the swings or the uneven bars, while still keeping the same general concept? Well the Cyclone and the Overhead Net, can be great remedies to that challenge. Remember that when you use the best features on the market, your design will be the best available.


The Gravitron takes up little space, while providing a high level of accessibility.

Imagine a child who’s favorite thing to do at the playground is swing back and forth until their stomach turns upside down. There is just one problem, the swings don’t encourage much social interaction… well, you can be the one who allows that kid to have his cake and eat it too. With the Cyclone, a child gets to swing along with one of their best friends, adding twice the fun to the experience.


The Cylone swings back and forth while spinning around like a furious storm.

The monkey bars have always been a playground mainstay. However, with today’s modern innovations, a much cooler experience is attainable. What if the monkey bars themselves moved? Well, that is the general idea behind the Gravitron. A child can gain the same benefit of play—gaining physical strength—by hanging off the ground, but can do so with all his or her friends, while spinning in a circle! With technologically advanced features like the Gravitron, your design is guaranteed to be first-class.

Playground Net

With this Overhead Net Feature, your playground design will have quite the unique feature included in it. Copyright HAGS Aneby AB

Including the Overhead Net will ensure that your playground isn’t like most. Imagine replacing the usual uneven bars with a much more flexible Overhead Net that allows kids to climb up and sit, over looking the playground, but with more style and safety. Taking the time to replace the usual suspects with exciting inventions will ensure you have a high-quality, innovative, and first-rate playground design.

Outdoor Fitness Equipment for Adults and Children to Stay Active!

November 10, 2009

One of the newest trends in today’s park and recreation culture and design is the implementation of adult fitness equipment next to existing playgrounds or on circuits all their own. With our nation’s growing awareness of preventative health-care and in turn staying active, it is no surprise that there is an increasing demand for affordable and practical means of exercise. However, when children take priority, how is it possible to make the gym after work or go home to exercise in the midst of a thousand distractions? Miracle Playsystems has an answer for communities looking for a better fitness outlet than expensive gyms and unrealistic at-home exercise routines… Just talk to your community organizer and put them in contact with Miracle Playsystems so they can get the ball rolling on park-set adult fitness equipment…

Adult Fitness 3

The Adult Fitness Course Vertical Climb.

Adult fitness equipment from Miracle is more specifically described as Outdoor Fitness Equipment, from Miracle Recreation Equipment Company. Tons of different pieces are available—everything from push up and pull up bars to abdominal apparatuses and step up platforms. All of these go a long way in promoting preventative health-care and the best part… when a community builds a site together, it becomes free to all those who use it from then on… and, the kids can get their exercise too, getting play right along side. In today’s hectic climate, taking an hour to visit a local park in between work/school and home will do everyone a lot of good.

Adult Fitness 2

The Adult Fintess Course Balance Beam.

Talk about a stress reducer… exercise will no joke take some of the energy out of your super-active children and will allow you to clear your head before having to go home and think about dinner, homework (yours and your kids), chores, and everything else. With Adult Outdoor Fitness Equipment available at your local park, not only will you save money in the short term by avoiding pricey monthly gym dues, you will also benefit hugely in the long term by partaking in preventative health-care on your own terms. Talk to your community organizer the next time your see them and let them know you want a better exercise option at your local park so that you and you children can be active, side by side.

Adult Fitness

The Adult Course Horizontal Ladder.

The Playground Spotlight Feature of the Week: the Rock Wall Climber…

November 8, 2009
Playgrounds 483

The Rock Wall Climber is the new kid on the block, and its a big hit.

Although its relatively new to the playground scene, the Rock Wall Climber is one of the most implemented features in today’s playscapes. Not only are they thrilling to use, but also the sight of one is exciting and makes a site more attractive. With colorful foot and hand holds, this piece is aesthetically pleasing. With its free-standing and connecting abilities, it can act as a wall on its own or a way to a elevated deck or slide. The Rock Wall Climber is also very accessible and multiple children can scale it at once. What’s more… this feature is extremely valuable in the design, production, and active site stages…

In the design stage, a designer or landscape architect will find that the Rock Wall Climber is appealing to those potential clients because it is easily identifiable, it adds site versatility/diversity, and it promotes the benefits of play through helping children develop strength and coordination skills. In the production, or construction, stage, time and money will be saved as it is easy to install and it is mostly whole to begin with. In the active site stage, the Rock Wall Climber is popular, accessible, and visually attractive, so it will encourage the surrounding community to come visit the site and give it a try.

The very nature of this piece of equipment causes those in its presence to want to climb on it. Reasoning, the Rock Wall Climber has a specific purpose and instills its users with a goal—to reach the top. Also, this awesome feature has gained a recognizable status in contemporary culture, so people who have not had the chance to try it out will want to once they see it. Because the Rock Wall Climber is valuable in the design, production, and active site stages, it deserves to be the spotlight feature of the week.