The Playground Spotlight Feature of the Week: the Spring Rider


The Classic Spring Rider, this little red lady bug, is especially appealing to those younger children.

The Spring Rider is a playground mainstay, hands down, bar none. This is because no matter what changes take place in playground design, some concepts produce features just too entertaining to be forgotten. Now, the age group that finds a certain piece fun might change, but with a feature like the Spring Rider, small toddlers will always love hopping up on these playscape critters to rock out back and forth. These bundles of excitement are great for a number of reasons: not only can they fit almost anywhere on a site, they can also fit into any theme, and will be well-liked at any location.

Spring Riders come in familiar forms like the lady bug above, but in this contemporary design world, many dazzling creations have stormed the market. These include monster trucks, race cars, grass hoppers, wild cats, and much, much more. Because there are so many to choose from, a Spring Rider can fit into almost any design theme. Furthermore, because of their familiar, attractive looks and their highly active function, they are especially entertaining to younger kids and provide a play outlet to even the youngest of playground visitors.

Another great quality of the Spring Rider is its small size. Because it’s relatively tiny, it can be placed nearly anywhere on a site. So, if a design has any small gaps to fill or needs some varying depth, the Spring Rider is the perfect solution. Also, it can be added to existing playscapes with ease because of its size. Moreover, if a playground needs a quick update or addition, the Spring Rider can be brought in. Because of its classic appeal and modern looks, as well as its terrific size and function, the Spring Rider deserves to be the playground spotlight feature of the week.


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