Look to the Details for Big Improvements and a Noticeable Difference…

Playgrounds 370

Minor Detailing really goes a long ways.

When it comes down to the finishing the design of a playground, the small details can really be the difference in the final product between an average site and a fantastic one. These details can be little features such as engravings, tic-tac-toe boards, and binoculars. They can come in the forms of a unique color scheme that perfectly fits the essence of the surrounding area or a creative rubber mulch pattern. What ever the detail is, if it makes your design stand out in a positive way, it is a good idea.

Playgrounds 396

Small details like the brick outlines on this deck really improve the theme; this one is a castle.

Remember that kids have huge imaginations so the smallest design addition, like a steering wheel, can be a giant hit. An adult may see a panel with an undersized steering wheel connected to it, but a kid will see the cockpit of an airplane, the driver seat of a monster truck, or the command post of a submarine, among anything else that moves. Think about how a kid will use each part of the site when dreaming up playscape concepts, it will make a huge difference for eventual visitors.

large-Playgrounds 105

Many small design details can go great lengths in providing aesthetic appeal.

There are small differences between features too that completely separate seemingly equivalent pieces. For instance, a slightly greater angle on a slide can mean huge speed improvements for a much better ride. Having multiple swing models available on a set will allow many more age groups to use the equipment—there are also new versions of the swing that are really entertaining that are worth checking out. Another idea to keep in mind is using creative ways to connect different pieces… getting from one piece of equipment to another can be an adventure all its own. Its the little details that really do a number when all is said and done.


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