Go Custom and Come Out Big with Your Design!

Today’s design climate is more challenging than ever. Just to get noticed, it takes a great idea that is original, practical, and affordable. Choosing the right playscape equipment is crucial to a project’s success, however sometimes it takes even more than that. For that truly unique idea and the extra boost that comes with it, a designer has to stray off the beaten path to create something all their own—they have to go custom. Custom designed play features are usually the most memorable, especially when they exude master craftsmanship, careful planning, and innovative concepts.

Playgrounds 157

Taking your design to the next level could mean big returns.

Take the Great Slide at Magic Mountain playground, as pictured above and below. The design and the construction weren’t easy, but the slide is almost a landmark in the San Mateo area. Just ask the parents of the community surrounding it… they will tell you it is one site their kids always want to visit, even when the X-box is right there in the living room. A playground centerpiece like this one is rare, but others just as creatively custom could be of terrific value to your site’s design. All it takes is the right mindset and the best set of tools and support.

Playgrounds 180

This slide is on point with the playground's theme and its custom design is remarkable and always remembered.

There are many other reasons for a landscape architect or designer to go custom when designing a playscape. They can show a unique piece of work in their portfolio—sure a great playground is nice, but what about your own, personal playground feature? With a custom piece a designer is truly able to capture the idea they were really going for. They are able to work extremely well into the site’s essence this way. Also, adding in a custom design can make your design more attractive in both the rendering and final product stages. Take a chance and go custom, your playscape will benefit greatly.


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