Take the Time to Include Newly Innovated Playground Technology…

Playground technology gets better every year, that’s why it is so important to keep up with the latest trends and models when beginning to design a new site. Whether it’s a cutting-edge spiral slide or a new overhead challenge resembling the monkey bars like the Gravitron, implementing contemporary features into your playground design will impress all those who come across it. Are you thinking about how you can step up those traditional playscape pieces like the swings or the uneven bars, while still keeping the same general concept? Well the Cyclone and the Overhead Net, can be great remedies to that challenge. Remember that when you use the best features on the market, your design will be the best available.


The Gravitron takes up little space, while providing a high level of accessibility.

Imagine a child who’s favorite thing to do at the playground is swing back and forth until their stomach turns upside down. There is just one problem, the swings don’t encourage much social interaction… well, you can be the one who allows that kid to have his cake and eat it too. With the Cyclone, a child gets to swing along with one of their best friends, adding twice the fun to the experience.


The Cylone swings back and forth while spinning around like a furious storm.

The monkey bars have always been a playground mainstay. However, with today’s modern innovations, a much cooler experience is attainable. What if the monkey bars themselves moved? Well, that is the general idea behind the Gravitron. A child can gain the same benefit of play—gaining physical strength—by hanging off the ground, but can do so with all his or her friends, while spinning in a circle! With technologically advanced features like the Gravitron, your design is guaranteed to be first-class.

Playground Net

With this Overhead Net Feature, your playground design will have quite the unique feature included in it. Copyright HAGS Aneby AB

Including the Overhead Net will ensure that your playground isn’t like most. Imagine replacing the usual uneven bars with a much more flexible Overhead Net that allows kids to climb up and sit, over looking the playground, but with more style and safety. Taking the time to replace the usual suspects with exciting inventions will ensure you have a high-quality, innovative, and first-rate playground design.


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