Stop Vandalism Today with the SONIC SCREEN… Save Money and Increase Community Pride!

Vandalism is a big problem in today’s public spaces. For places like parks and playgrounds, vandalism can restrain visitations from the surrounding community and instead invite more crime. For this reason, it is more important than ever to deter vandals and all others in that same ‘up to no good’ category. To combat this growing nuisance, Miracle Playsystems has made available the Sonic Screen Vandal Deterrent… This one of a kind technology in the US is proven to be 84-100% effective in deterring vandalism, and only Miracle has made it ready for you… Go on to Read More!

The Sonic Screen would protect this Playground...

This cutting-edge technology uses high-pitched, ultra-sonic frequencies to repel vandalizing youths. Anyone between the ages 13 to 25 will hear an inescapable, intolerable buzzing sound that is non-harmful but very effective… and will be driven away. This technology has been successfully used for over 20 years in Europe to eliminate loitering in front of convenience stores and other problem areas where loitering occurs. The trick is, the Sonic Screen can be activated at specific, high vandalism times—mainly at night—so that no well meaning youth will be bothered during the day. Also, motion sensor technology will turn on the Sonic Screen only when needed, allowing energy to be saved.

playground 95

...and this one...

Imagine never having to pay for vandalism maintenance, restoration, or repairs again because you took the most technologically advanced, preventative steps possible. Put your community at ease with the Sonic Screen. The Sonic Screen can be implemented at any existing playground or included in a new design; and this great technology is almost guaranteed to pay for itself. Don’t be a part of the millions of dollars lost to public property damage each year in the US… get lined up with your own Sonic Screen so you can save your money for park improvements, and not for park cleanups.

...and this one...


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