Revolutionize Your Playground or Park with the SONIC SCREEN Vandal Deterrent System… Protect Your Site and Your Budget!

Are you looking for a ways to increase your park budget this year and every year after that? Is relying on public funding keeping your park from expanding… even in small ways? What if you could implement one system that is guaranteed to save not only your valuable budget, but also your precious time? Well, by implementing the SONIC SCREEN Vandal Deterrent System, through Miracle Playsystems, you could potentially save yourself thousands of dollars every year over the life time of the system by eliminating costly, unnecessary vandalism damages… Read on to learn more!

The Sonic Screen would protect this site...

My previous post explains that the SONIC SCREEN deters vandals by projecting a high frequency, piercing sound that only effects young adults at specifically set times when no one should be at the site. Also, that Miracle has exclusive rights in the US to this amazing technology because we have seen how effective it is—it has been working hard in Europe for over 20 years. Only now, with the ever increasing need to save fleeting funds in the US is the SONIC SCREEN suddenly a must have security device. Why will it be so important to you?

Because vandalism is on the rise and the last thing you need is to have to spend huge amounts from your hard-earned budget to clean up spray paint, nasty engravings, and fix broken up equipment. Imagine eliminating all that harmful trash that seems to appear each morning too… be the one who makes all those shattered bottles, cigarette butts, and aluminum cans disappear for good. Don’t let your site be a nightly hangout for the wrong crowd.

Watch a video that shows you more…

Protect this site today...

Get the ball rolling on the SONIC SCREEN Vandal Deterrent System today if you are through with catering to vandalism and crime. This unique device can be installed at new or existing sites and over time, it will save you huge sums of time and money. Stop the cycle now… be the difference and the one that can say, “I am responsible for changing my community.”

Click here to watch the Sonic Screen video.

Don't let any harm come to this Orb-x Climber...


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