The Playground Spotlight Feature of the Week: the Shade Structure

Install Shade now so its ready to go next summer.

This playground spotlight feature of the week is an entire feature concept… the Shade structure. Having shade is critical in high temperature areas and there is no better time to implement some into your site or design than in the playground off-season. While winter is in full force, take the time to install shade so that your site is ready to go by this spring. Shade protects against skin cancer, sun burns, and over heating, so it really should be included in all areas that one would normally put on sunscreen before going outside in the summer—that’s pretty much all of California. The great news is, contemporary Shade structures add to your design rather than taking away from it.

These days Shade structures come in all sizes and forms. They range from large enough to cover an entire playground to small enough for a single lifeguard tower. As far as shape goes, Shade comes in triangles and squares, hexagons and circles, and also in custom cuts. Also, almost any color is available so Shade will not only contribute to the functionality of your site, but also to the theme and concept of the design.

Don’t let your site go shadeless, install a Shade structure right now so that your site is ready to go by the time that May heat rolls around. Imagine a Shade structure as your playground’s new year’s resolution. It is healthy, it adds style, and it will impress your community. Shade is an all around great idea; that is why is the playground spotlight feature of the week.


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