Be Unique. Be Creative. Be Effective.

Unique features will create original experiences.

What will make your playground different than others in the area? Will it be the color scheme or the site theme? Will it be the layout? Perhaps the best way to distinguish your site in the community is by utilizing unique features that contribute to an individual playground identity. By checking out the other playgrounds in the area, you can get an idea as to what may work well, that you could build off of, or what they missed, that you could include. Features that are exciting, fresh, and aesthetically pleasing are your best bet in designing an original site.

Fresh forms and shapes will impress visitors.

Interesting forms will also help your playground stand out. Although some designs look new age, they are still very functional and will impress a client and community with their contemporary appeal. Step out of the box and include shapes and formats not usually seen in the standard design. Go above and beyond the norm and implement entirely new shapes in your playground. Play around with unique concepts. It is almost guaranteed that the more creative you get, the more a child will enjoy the site… let’s face it, a young imagination will take whatever you put it front of it and multiply it by ten with their growing mind’s eye—so start with something big and really get the creative juices flowing.

Go beyond the usual and develope original layouts.

Make your playground an original experience with fresh shapes, features, and forms. Keep pushing the envelope with design… playgrounds are in no way meant to be boring. If a design looks bizarre, but its functionality can be proven, chances are the site will be way more effective in entertaining children that the standard pony show. Take the time to create new playscapes that are fun and unique. Have fun!


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