Playground Spotlight of the Week: the Balance Beam…

Go back to the classics with the Balance Beam.

When designing a playground, including cutting edge equipment in the plan is a great idea. However, adding in a few of the traditional pieces will ensure than your design will register among every one and will even appear a bit cheerfully nostalgic. For instance, every adult can recall what it was like to walk, however unsteadily, across the Balance Beam. Although simple, this feature is terrifically entertaining. This is one experience all generations can appreciate at some age and most will say that they would hope that those younger than them have a chance to prove themselves on it… the Balance Beam.

This classic feature not only reminds us of our younger years, it is also quite safe, being low to the ground. Furthermore, this piece teaches balance and coordination, some of the skills documented under the benefits of play studies. What a great way to learn these physical skills at a young age in a playful environment. All it takes is climbing up on the Balance Beam and giving it your best shot and soon you are much better at getting all the way across it… balance and coordination are skills that will benefit someone in sports later down the road and through out the rest of their life.

What’s more, the Balance Beam is also highly accessible. More than one child can use it at one time and they can constantly take turns using it. Also, because it doesn’t take up much surface area, it can be fit into almost any design without much effort at all. There are so many characteristics that make the Balance Beam a great playscape feature. That is why it is this week’s Playground Spotlight of the Week!


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