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The Playground Design Aspect of the Week: Build for the Unexpected!

December 30, 2009

Creating an atmosphere of fun is as important as the features.

Everyone would probably agree that kids can create the most interesting games out there and invent unique playscapes out of almost anything at their disposal. I’m sure you have heard about a child who has ended up spending more time playing with box than the toy that came in it. This is because children are so creative… this also means that you must build for the unexpected to keep them entertained. When designing a playground, think of how it will be both directly and indirectly played on.

For example, if you have decks with slides extending off of them, expect that children will end of climbing up the slides and playing underneath the decks. By putting a memory or tic-tac-toe board under the deck, children will be pleasantly surprised when they find it. If you build a huge playground that is complete with every feature imaginable, be prepared to find some kids using them simply as hiding spots for a game of hide and seek. For this reason, add in some artificial rocks and hiding spots that could potentially make a game like this more fun.

Remember that children will think of anything to keep themselves entertained, so help them out a little bit and include features that are meant to be created off of. For instance, add in a control panel like the one featured a few days ago. Or, go a completely different direction that we haven’t even thought about… we will go the distance to make it happen. The Playground Design Aspect of the Week is building for the unexpected. Visit Miracle Playsystems for more details.


Slide Down the Color Spectrum

December 29, 2009

Bright colors are attractive.

Colors can be so boring. Well, not at Miracle. Choose the features you want in the colors that will impress your visitors and clients the most. Will it be the bright yellow or orange that gets the job done? Is it that hot purple that everyone will remember? What about the impact of deep blues, eye-catching greens, and reds that literally pop out at you? Don’t be the one who chooses to go with a downer color scheme; be the one who takes a playground design to the next level with the best, most memorable colors available.

Choose colors everyone likes.

Slide down the entire color spectrum when designing a playground’s theme. It’s a playground after all… so have fun with every aspect of it, including the color scheme. Match the colors to the site’s essence or go completely the other way and just add in the brightest colors you can think of. Stay in line with a red, orange, and yellow combination or go nuts with purple, green, and yellow. Get it done with blue, green, and brown, or have fun with yellow, blue, and red. Whatever your site goal is, use colors that will impress all of those who lay eyes upon it.

Colors on large surface areas should be especially appealing.

Use color techniques that will boost your site’s attractiveness as well. For instance, ensure visitors can spot your site from afar by making slides and decks bright colors. Also, add in a shade structure that has a noticeable, darker color like blue or green. Small tricks like this will increase the effectiveness of your site in its design stages and when its in use by the public. Remember to use colors that add another interesting aspect to your site and you can’t go wrong…

The Playground Feature of the Week: the Play Control Panel

December 27, 2009

This amazingly simple toy is surprisingly entertaining and is an awesome playground add-on.

Implement a feature that adds onto a Mega Tower or play deck that will create tons of experiences and will keep visitors coming back again and again… and the best part… it is as simple as the wheel. Well, actually, it is the wheel—a steering wheel, and it is attached to the Play Control Panel. This fun feature allows children to use their imaginations and innovate their own games. Children will savor the chance to get behind the wheel and with their mind’s eye, they might be in the cockpit of a racecar, a monster truck, or a futuristic space ship…

Once you learn of all the Play Control Panel models available from Miracle Playsystems, you are going to want to add one into your next playscape design for sure. Just think, you could build an entire vehicle themed playground and in doing so, invent one of the coolest playgrounds in town… include about four of these Steering Wheel Control Panels and you will be well on your way to an amazing park. These interesting features are just the start of an awesome playground design… the sky is the limit from there…

This detailed addition will drive your theme forward and will be one of those small characteristics that take your design to the next level. Of course, this feature isn’t stand-alone, but that is not a problem if you are in the design stages or are looking to do a semi-major playground addition. Remember that it’s the differences that separate designs, so make sure yours are positive. A Play Control or Steering Panel could be that positive difference, that is why it is the Playground Feature of the Week. Visit Miracle Playsystems for more details.

Softer Connections Can Make a Playground Fun, Safe, and Unique

December 25, 2009

Net bridges provide a softer connection.

Are you looking for an interesting way to connect the features of your site? What if there was a way out there that was fun, safe, and unique? Sounds pretty good, eh? Well, with soft connections like rope bridges and net bridges, your site will be original as well as effective. Stand out with tunnels of intertwined rope connecting your slides, decks, and climbers. Take a chance with soft connections and your site will flourish with entertainment.

Rope connections will make your playground design more exciting.

All playground features are better if something connects them together… if bridges or climbers or a feature like the Grip-n-Glide aren’t your thing, then soft net and rope connections are a great idea. These can even play heavily into the theme of your playground design. Thinking of a jungle design? What better way to simulate that rickety rope bridge across the canyon and all those jungle vines. Is a pirate ship theme what you had in mind? Well, what is a ship without tons of rope to climb around on?

Make your playground fun, unique, and safe today!

Take your design’s effectiveness into your own hands and implement connections that add another exciting aspect to your site. Make a site’s connections attractions themselves. It isn’t hard to imagine how much fun children will have hanging out on a rope bridge or climbing through a net connector. Switch it up with soft connections and you and your visitors won’t be disappointed.

The Playground Design Aspect of the Week: Playground Rocks Rock!!!

December 23, 2009

Climbing looks so fun!

Are you interested in the latest rock wall climbers like the Clear Rock Wall from Xccent Play! and the Triple Rock Wall from Miracle, but are also looking to include some more natural looking rock climbers as well? How cool would it be to have actual boulders on your playground for kids to play on and hide around? But how are you going to get huge boulders to your site? Well, with Miracle, we have your solution… we have the top products available to fit just this need with first class artificial rock additions for your next playground site.

Artificial rocks come in all sorts of sizes from small ones that act as styling details with a functional twist to huge, mammoth stones that are attractions all themselves. It is no secret that children love to climb… switch it up for them and include a huge artificial rock formation for them to have a great time on. Not only will children have fun on these terrific features, they will also remember your park as the “one with all the cool rocks to play on.” These feature are just so unique that they will stick in the minds of anyone who comes into contact with them.

Harness natural looking rock formations and the most cutting edge rock wall climbers today so that that your next site is the coolest out there because it has amazing features that unify to create on the smoothest themes out there. Take your park to new heights with amazing rock climbing features, because playground rocks rock! So much in fact that they are the Playground Design Aspect of the Week. Visit Miracle for more details.

Add aesthetic detailing that adds to the site's attractiveness.

Tire Swings are a Big Deal in the Playground World

December 22, 2009

This swing takes the traditional into the modern day design.

If you thought tire swings were out, you’re wrong. They are still just as fun as they used to be and these days a bit more safe too. Don’t think your have to normal when you think of swings… by implementing a tire set in your site it will stand out. Not only are tire swings safe, they are also reliable, durable, and fun. Although tire swings aren’t new to the playground arena, they aren’t used that often so they can be thought of as quite unique. Go big today and add in a tire swing to your playground design.

Add this feature to your design for a creative twist.

As far as accessibility goes, the tire swing is about as good as it gets. Literally every one can have fun on the tire swing. Its like the G Rating of the playground world (if you know what I mean). Even if a child needs a little help spinning around on the tire swing, its all good, and exciting too. If you think your site needs a swinging contraption, but your not set on the actual swings, be a little different and put in a tire swing—you won’t be disappointed and neither will you visitors.

Playground designs need free standing structures; the tire swing is a reliable, cost-effective choice.

Sure, there are more advanced swings out there, such as the Cyclone, but for all age groups, the tire swing is really a solid option. It is easy to operate and it is one of those features that is always in style. Tire swings are still a big deal in the playground world, so don’t be afraid to throw one into your design for a little good measure. Your visitors are going to tie one to a backyard tree anyways if there isn’t one around, so help them out and provide a safe way to tire swing away.

The Playground Feature of the Week: The Boulder Ridge Rock Wall

December 20, 2009

Take the already cutting-edge playground rock wall to the next level!

If you keep up on your playground trends, even a little bit, then you know that rock wall climbers are the coolest thing on the block right now. They offer the best in accessibility and in entertainment. Children can use the rock walls to connect with other features and be playing—and exercising—while doing so. However, we have noticed that children have so much fun climbing on these tremendous walls that they just never want to get off. We can’t blame them, so instead, we came up with solution to the dreaded compromise of the playground—taking turns. All we had to do is create six times as much space for kids to climb on with the many sided Boulder Ridge Rock Wall.

The Boulder Ridge Rock Wall is a premiere feature on today’s contemporary playground. Not only is it tops in accessibility and entertainment, it is safe and it strongly encourages a few important benefits of play—physical conditioning, coordination, and balance. Kids have shown the demand for this exciting feature, be one of the first to implement it at your site. It is free standing to it can be built on an existing site or it can be implemented into your next playground design. Just don’t be surprised if children like it so much that you need to build a second to cater to the growing crowds.

Miracle Recreation Equipment Company has done it again by coming up with a truly first class features that is durable, exciting, and unique. What’s more, this is one rock wall that can be added onto, even after it is constructed. This is why the Boulder Ridge Rock Wall is the Playground Feature of the Week. We know it will be a hit at your site… and it can be up and entertaining before you know it. Visit Miracle Playsystems for more details.

The Playground Design Aspect of the Week: Details, Details, Details…

December 17, 2009

Details make the difference in design.

Details, details, details are the name of the game when putting the final touches on a playground design. It’s the smallest design characteristics that can be the difference of a playground sort of coming together and really finishing strong. So, on your naval ship themed playgrounds, include the anchor, the sharks, and the steering wheel. On your nature themed playscapes, include the tree trunks, the bark, and the rivers. On your raceway themed park, include the cars, the cockpits, and the tires… the technology is out there to make all of this happen… so use it to your advantage.

If the foundation, walls, and roof of a playground are the features and shade structures that make up most of it, then the furniture of a playground are all the many details that aren’t noticed until way up close. For instance, take tic-tac-toe and memory boards (the ones made up of pictures and cylinders on the swivels that spin) usually aren’t the draw of most playgrounds but they are guaranteed to be noticed once there. Also, the theme of a playground really comes out because of the compilation of all the many details. There are engravings, control panels, spring-riders, and more that all make up the details of a playground and in turn, make it better.

Don’t hesitate to ask about even the most specific playground detail. The vendors to make your playscape dreams come true are out there and ready to work with you to finalize your playground designs and make your design concepts a reality. All the small details are this weeks featured Playground Design Aspect, because we know that they can be the difference between succeeding and just coming up short. Visit Miracle for more details.

These music notes give a nice finishing touch.

Location, Location, Location… The Importance of the Destination

December 15, 2009

Location can help determine the theme of the site.

The location of your playground can determine many factors about your site. For starters, where your park is in relation to the community it is meant to serve will play a role in the approachability of the site and how often it is visited by those members. Also, the essence of the site in terms of its surroundings can often influence the theme, color scheme, and the features of the playground. Choosing the right site is often not up to the designer, however, the designer can make sure the playground is attractive, well-suited, and accessible to the surrounding community, based off of that location.

Location can heavily influence the color scheme you choose.

Being in close proximity to a community will of course improve how easily it is noticed and how much it is visited, however other measures can be taken to ensure that a site is easily accessible to potential patrons. Constructing at least a small parking near the playground or park lot goes a long way in making it easy to visit. Placing the playground inside the boundaries of a neighborhood will make the site safer and more approachable. Furthermore, if the playground/park is further away from homes, making the effort to build easily navigable roads that link to a main way will make the site easy to find.

Location may also determine how relaxing (for adults), accessible, and exciting (for children) your site is.

In terms of playground theme, the surrounding area or park may play a heavy role. If there are a lot of trees around—or a heaps of greenery—then a nature theme might work the best. In terms of color, this site would be brown and green. In terms of features, this site would have bark and leaf designs in the equipment. If the site was closer to a beach and in the sun all the time, a maritime theme will work well and yellow, oranges, and reds could be implemented with great success. The location is important to a playground because it may influence who can attend it; the location is also important because how well the playground plays off of the location may determine how much those who visit enjoy it and are entertained.

The Rock Ladder Climber is a Creative Step Up…

December 13, 2009

This ladder isn't your average step.

Don’t settle for a normal ladder. If you need another way into your mega or play tower, take the right steps and implement a Rock Ladder Climber. This unique climber fits into nature themed playgrounds extremely well and will match most any playscape with exciting ease and visual appeal. Fit for most age groups, this tame climber offers an alternative to the rock wall or other more complex climbers. It is however seen as an addition piece, meaning it must be used in conjunction to another to be used. But being a playground compliment isn’t its downside, seeing how it’s safe, fun, effective, and highly accessible.

Because of its slighter angle, the Rock Ladder is a very safe climber. It also has many easy to handle holds, so slipping is greatly reduced. And because it is safe, it is more fun—especially for those younger children. There is little to fear from this climber because it is simple, well-crafted, and easy to grasp. If a playground has many climbers, more age groups will be entertained at the site.

For the same reasons the Rock Ladder is safe and fun, it is effective and accessible. Small children especially have an easy time accessing higher decks because of the Rock Ladder. Meaning, the playground’s accessibility as a whole increases and the site is more effective because of it. The Rock Ladder is the playground feature of the week because of many reasons, but mainly because it is a great supporting player on the playground.