New Technology… New Concepts… New Inventions…

This looking glass offers a great aesthetic detail and a nice finishing touch.

New technologies are popping up all over the playground. Because serious innovation has taken place in the last few years, new features are available… new concepts are being implemented… and fantastic details are punctuating projects all over the place. Amazing creations are causing quite a stir and its no surprise, especially when you see some of these terrific inventions up close. For instance, a clear rock wall is easily attainable these days! How cool is that? Also, new takes on traditional features are springing up everywhere and so are fresh ideas that will take your playground from average to exceptional… just take a look…

New features are proof of new technologies. This clear rock wall is a hit.

Remember those huge, cemented down binoculars that used to be at all the vista points growing up… and how you could never use them because, who carries $2.00 in quarters? Well, at Miracle, a version of this intriguing device is available for your next playground so kids can take a closer look at whatever they desire, without the fuss of coin searching. This experience is unique to most playgrounds so your sight will be noticed as fresh and well thought out. Its ideas like this one that make this industry even more exciting than usual.

This concept takes the monkey bars to new heights, and a new shape.

Technology has also made new concepts possible. For years we are sure engineers thought about how they could make features like the monkey bars, the slide, and the swings more exciting, but without advances in playground tech, those dreams could never be actualized… until now. Now, the monkey bars are circular shaped, slides have huge twists and turns, and the swings come in awesome versions such as the Cyclone—check this out in earlier posts, its amazing. Innovation has kept the playground world growing every day in recent years… so keep checking back for new creations and inventions.


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