Design Aspect of the Week: the Tandem Slide

The Tandem Slide method is fresh and exciting.

In the mind of a kid a Tandem Slide can mean many things. First, it offers the child a choice. Next, it offers variety. Then, it offers a unique experience where a kid can race his friend, switch up the ride each time, and eventually choose which slide he or she likes the best. The Tandem Slide not only is a great feature for entertainment, it is also a great design aspect that offers considerable visual appeal to a site. The appearance of side by side slides is striking and will draw visitors in, especially when the slides are tall. Take this design aspect to heart.

If you are looking for a quick way to spice up your playground design, the Tandem Slide is a great way to go. With this design aspect, you can assure your client that you able to step out side the normal thinking lines of design and in doing so, you will stand out. Variety is key when designing a playground, so if three slides are in the agenda, make each one an experience… turning two of them into an attraction is a bold and exciting way to go.

The Design Aspect of the Week is the Tandem Slide because it creates an experience that is exciting, entertaining, and memorable. The Tandem Slide is an attraction that is aesthetically pleasing, visually striking, and unique in form. Remember to step out of the box when creating and implementing features… its okay to have fun, after all, these are playgrounds we are building.


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