Playground Feature of the Week: the Play Tower

The Play Tower, or Megatower, is essentially the playground's centerpiece, unless some other amazing feature takes the cake.

The Play Tower stands out on a playground more than any other feature in most cases. It is tall, massive, and usually full of color. As the centerpiece of most playgrounds, it is also the center of the experience. For this reason, it is important to design the Play Tower will functionality, accessibility, originality, and variety in mind. With these four concepts, your Play Tower will be amazingly entertaining.

Functionality is most easily attained through a streamlined design. Allow children to enter and exit easily and in a certain flow. For instance, all kids to climb in at the bottom level and slide out at the top. Also, lining the walls of the Play Tower with tic-tac-toe boards, control panels, and steering wheels will make the whole structure extra entertaining.

Accessibility tags along side functionality. Having many entrances and exits in a Play Tower will ensure reduced congestion. Allow children to climb in and out of different levels, exit by of slides, poles and bridges, and also walk in or out easily. The more ways out and in the better… movement is the key.

Originality is your selling point to both your client and your visitors. How memorable and entertaining your site is will determine who comes back to it. Make sure to include lots of colors, shapes, and features that stem out of the Play Tower. Also, the Play Tower itself doesn’t have to be a straight forward tower. It can be tiered, oddly shaped, and have all sorts of compartments that jet out.

Variety will be achieved through the features that are connected to your Play Tower. Will you have many slides all over the place? Will you have bridges extending from every direction? Or, will you come up with an idea so creative it leaves all with its form imprinted in their minds. With functionality, accessibility, originality, and variety you could do just this… have fun!


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