Creating Unique Experiences out of Traditional Ideas

Straight forward is good in many arenas and ventures. In playgrounds though, it can almost be an enemy. Don’t let your playground be that carbon copy site that every thinks about when they hear the word playground. Instead, implement unique features that offer a twist to the more traditional ideas—and then go further and build totally creative structures next to those.

Imagine a playground with features that will not only look interesting, but will provide interesting experiences.

Take the swings for example. Everyone knows how swings are supposed to look. It is okay to stray away from that idea. Add variety to the swings by putting in different swing forms. You could even put many different swings on the same set. The traditional features are still cool, they just need modern updating now and again… you are the designer who can make it happen.

Spring Riders meet the merry-go-round, meet the see-saw and teeter-totter.

The seesaw/teeter-totter is a fun idea that will never lose its appeal. Take it a step further though by combining its design with others—say with… the spring rider and the merry-go-round. We have the technology to make this happen… now its time to implement it. After all, we can build clear rock walls and Cyclone swings… for the traditional pieces to compete, they need a technological make-over.

Diversification... it works with the swings too.

Ready for a wacky idea? How about we take two bicycle forms and the seesaw concept and roll them all into one fantastic feature? Well, with today’s construction capabilities we can do crazy things like this. There are so many updates on the traditional ideas of playgrounds… its really exciting that we are creating unique experiences every day!


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