Water Play Sites for Younger Children… Uniting Communities

These sites promote community interaction.

Building communities is more than building houses in neighborhoods. There must be common places for people to interact with each other. When people know those around them, that group is stronger and more committed to each other. This is why it is so important that recreation sites are built in conjunction to neighborhoods… for kids to grow up with a sense of belonging, they must have something to hold to… experiences at a park will help provide them with this.

This location is perfect... its safe... its out of the way... its ready for fun lovers.

A site as simple as a Water Play area can teach children to play together and will allow adults to connect with one another. Here, summer days can create lasting friendships and will increase a group’s sense of community and its feeling of responsibility to the members in it. Its time to slow down a bit and return to what really makes us feel good about working so hard… its time to savor relaxing with the people around us and to do this, it takes a common place to meet… a park could be this place.

How relaxing...

Plus, how much fun will your child have at a Water Play park? Probably a lot. The site is fun, the water is cool, but most of all the other children there will make it a really memorable experience. Kids love making new friends, and it is really easy for them to do so when they’re having a blast. Play is the key to health in children… the benefits of play studies can attest to this. Let parks unite communities and help keep children happy and healthy… let the fun begin!


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