The Rock Ladder Climber is a Creative Step Up…

This ladder isn't your average step.

Don’t settle for a normal ladder. If you need another way into your mega or play tower, take the right steps and implement a Rock Ladder Climber. This unique climber fits into nature themed playgrounds extremely well and will match most any playscape with exciting ease and visual appeal. Fit for most age groups, this tame climber offers an alternative to the rock wall or other more complex climbers. It is however seen as an addition piece, meaning it must be used in conjunction to another to be used. But being a playground compliment isn’t its downside, seeing how it’s safe, fun, effective, and highly accessible.

Because of its slighter angle, the Rock Ladder is a very safe climber. It also has many easy to handle holds, so slipping is greatly reduced. And because it is safe, it is more fun—especially for those younger children. There is little to fear from this climber because it is simple, well-crafted, and easy to grasp. If a playground has many climbers, more age groups will be entertained at the site.

For the same reasons the Rock Ladder is safe and fun, it is effective and accessible. Small children especially have an easy time accessing higher decks because of the Rock Ladder. Meaning, the playground’s accessibility as a whole increases and the site is more effective because of it. The Rock Ladder is the playground feature of the week because of many reasons, but mainly because it is a great supporting player on the playground.


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