Location, Location, Location… The Importance of the Destination

Location can help determine the theme of the site.

The location of your playground can determine many factors about your site. For starters, where your park is in relation to the community it is meant to serve will play a role in the approachability of the site and how often it is visited by those members. Also, the essence of the site in terms of its surroundings can often influence the theme, color scheme, and the features of the playground. Choosing the right site is often not up to the designer, however, the designer can make sure the playground is attractive, well-suited, and accessible to the surrounding community, based off of that location.

Location can heavily influence the color scheme you choose.

Being in close proximity to a community will of course improve how easily it is noticed and how much it is visited, however other measures can be taken to ensure that a site is easily accessible to potential patrons. Constructing at least a small parking near the playground or park lot goes a long way in making it easy to visit. Placing the playground inside the boundaries of a neighborhood will make the site safer and more approachable. Furthermore, if the playground/park is further away from homes, making the effort to build easily navigable roads that link to a main way will make the site easy to find.

Location may also determine how relaxing (for adults), accessible, and exciting (for children) your site is.

In terms of playground theme, the surrounding area or park may play a heavy role. If there are a lot of trees around—or a heaps of greenery—then a nature theme might work the best. In terms of color, this site would be brown and green. In terms of features, this site would have bark and leaf designs in the equipment. If the site was closer to a beach and in the sun all the time, a maritime theme will work well and yellow, oranges, and reds could be implemented with great success. The location is important to a playground because it may influence who can attend it; the location is also important because how well the playground plays off of the location may determine how much those who visit enjoy it and are entertained.


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