The Playground Design Aspect of the Week: Details, Details, Details…

Details make the difference in design.

Details, details, details are the name of the game when putting the final touches on a playground design. It’s the smallest design characteristics that can be the difference of a playground sort of coming together and really finishing strong. So, on your naval ship themed playgrounds, include the anchor, the sharks, and the steering wheel. On your nature themed playscapes, include the tree trunks, the bark, and the rivers. On your raceway themed park, include the cars, the cockpits, and the tires… the technology is out there to make all of this happen… so use it to your advantage.

If the foundation, walls, and roof of a playground are the features and shade structures that make up most of it, then the furniture of a playground are all the many details that aren’t noticed until way up close. For instance, take tic-tac-toe and memory boards (the ones made up of pictures and cylinders on the swivels that spin) usually aren’t the draw of most playgrounds but they are guaranteed to be noticed once there. Also, the theme of a playground really comes out because of the compilation of all the many details. There are engravings, control panels, spring-riders, and more that all make up the details of a playground and in turn, make it better.

Don’t hesitate to ask about even the most specific playground detail. The vendors to make your playscape dreams come true are out there and ready to work with you to finalize your playground designs and make your design concepts a reality. All the small details are this weeks featured Playground Design Aspect, because we know that they can be the difference between succeeding and just coming up short. Visit Miracle for more details.

These music notes give a nice finishing touch.


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