The Playground Feature of the Week: The Boulder Ridge Rock Wall

Take the already cutting-edge playground rock wall to the next level!

If you keep up on your playground trends, even a little bit, then you know that rock wall climbers are the coolest thing on the block right now. They offer the best in accessibility and in entertainment. Children can use the rock walls to connect with other features and be playing—and exercising—while doing so. However, we have noticed that children have so much fun climbing on these tremendous walls that they just never want to get off. We can’t blame them, so instead, we came up with solution to the dreaded compromise of the playground—taking turns. All we had to do is create six times as much space for kids to climb on with the many sided Boulder Ridge Rock Wall.

The Boulder Ridge Rock Wall is a premiere feature on today’s contemporary playground. Not only is it tops in accessibility and entertainment, it is safe and it strongly encourages a few important benefits of play—physical conditioning, coordination, and balance. Kids have shown the demand for this exciting feature, be one of the first to implement it at your site. It is free standing to it can be built on an existing site or it can be implemented into your next playground design. Just don’t be surprised if children like it so much that you need to build a second to cater to the growing crowds.

Miracle Recreation Equipment Company has done it again by coming up with a truly first class features that is durable, exciting, and unique. What’s more, this is one rock wall that can be added onto, even after it is constructed. This is why the Boulder Ridge Rock Wall is the Playground Feature of the Week. We know it will be a hit at your site… and it can be up and entertaining before you know it. Visit Miracle Playsystems for more details.


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