Tire Swings are a Big Deal in the Playground World

This swing takes the traditional into the modern day design.

If you thought tire swings were out, you’re wrong. They are still just as fun as they used to be and these days a bit more safe too. Don’t think your have to normal when you think of swings… by implementing a tire set in your site it will stand out. Not only are tire swings safe, they are also reliable, durable, and fun. Although tire swings aren’t new to the playground arena, they aren’t used that often so they can be thought of as quite unique. Go big today and add in a tire swing to your playground design.

Add this feature to your design for a creative twist.

As far as accessibility goes, the tire swing is about as good as it gets. Literally every one can have fun on the tire swing. Its like the G Rating of the playground world (if you know what I mean). Even if a child needs a little help spinning around on the tire swing, its all good, and exciting too. If you think your site needs a swinging contraption, but your not set on the actual swings, be a little different and put in a tire swing—you won’t be disappointed and neither will you visitors.

Playground designs need free standing structures; the tire swing is a reliable, cost-effective choice.

Sure, there are more advanced swings out there, such as the Cyclone, but for all age groups, the tire swing is really a solid option. It is easy to operate and it is one of those features that is always in style. Tire swings are still a big deal in the playground world, so don’t be afraid to throw one into your design for a little good measure. Your visitors are going to tie one to a backyard tree anyways if there isn’t one around, so help them out and provide a safe way to tire swing away.


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