The Playground Design Aspect of the Week: Playground Rocks Rock!!!

Climbing looks so fun!

Are you interested in the latest rock wall climbers like the Clear Rock Wall from Xccent Play! and the Triple Rock Wall from Miracle, but are also looking to include some more natural looking rock climbers as well? How cool would it be to have actual boulders on your playground for kids to play on and hide around? But how are you going to get huge boulders to your site? Well, with Miracle, we have your solution… we have the top products available to fit just this need with first class artificial rock additions for your next playground site.

Artificial rocks come in all sorts of sizes from small ones that act as styling details with a functional twist to huge, mammoth stones that are attractions all themselves. It is no secret that children love to climb… switch it up for them and include a huge artificial rock formation for them to have a great time on. Not only will children have fun on these terrific features, they will also remember your park as the “one with all the cool rocks to play on.” These feature are just so unique that they will stick in the minds of anyone who comes into contact with them.

Harness natural looking rock formations and the most cutting edge rock wall climbers today so that that your next site is the coolest out there because it has amazing features that unify to create on the smoothest themes out there. Take your park to new heights with amazing rock climbing features, because playground rocks rock! So much in fact that they are the Playground Design Aspect of the Week. Visit Miracle for more details.

Add aesthetic detailing that adds to the site's attractiveness.


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