The Playground Feature of the Week: the Play Control Panel

This amazingly simple toy is surprisingly entertaining and is an awesome playground add-on.

Implement a feature that adds onto a Mega Tower or play deck that will create tons of experiences and will keep visitors coming back again and again… and the best part… it is as simple as the wheel. Well, actually, it is the wheel—a steering wheel, and it is attached to the Play Control Panel. This fun feature allows children to use their imaginations and innovate their own games. Children will savor the chance to get behind the wheel and with their mind’s eye, they might be in the cockpit of a racecar, a monster truck, or a futuristic space ship…

Once you learn of all the Play Control Panel models available from Miracle Playsystems, you are going to want to add one into your next playscape design for sure. Just think, you could build an entire vehicle themed playground and in doing so, invent one of the coolest playgrounds in town… include about four of these Steering Wheel Control Panels and you will be well on your way to an amazing park. These interesting features are just the start of an awesome playground design… the sky is the limit from there…

This detailed addition will drive your theme forward and will be one of those small characteristics that take your design to the next level. Of course, this feature isn’t stand-alone, but that is not a problem if you are in the design stages or are looking to do a semi-major playground addition. Remember that it’s the differences that separate designs, so make sure yours are positive. A Play Control or Steering Panel could be that positive difference, that is why it is the Playground Feature of the Week. Visit Miracle Playsystems for more details.


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