Slide Down the Color Spectrum

Bright colors are attractive.

Colors can be so boring. Well, not at Miracle. Choose the features you want in the colors that will impress your visitors and clients the most. Will it be the bright yellow or orange that gets the job done? Is it that hot purple that everyone will remember? What about the impact of deep blues, eye-catching greens, and reds that literally pop out at you? Don’t be the one who chooses to go with a downer color scheme; be the one who takes a playground design to the next level with the best, most memorable colors available.

Choose colors everyone likes.

Slide down the entire color spectrum when designing a playground’s theme. It’s a playground after all… so have fun with every aspect of it, including the color scheme. Match the colors to the site’s essence or go completely the other way and just add in the brightest colors you can think of. Stay in line with a red, orange, and yellow combination or go nuts with purple, green, and yellow. Get it done with blue, green, and brown, or have fun with yellow, blue, and red. Whatever your site goal is, use colors that will impress all of those who lay eyes upon it.

Colors on large surface areas should be especially appealing.

Use color techniques that will boost your site’s attractiveness as well. For instance, ensure visitors can spot your site from afar by making slides and decks bright colors. Also, add in a shade structure that has a noticeable, darker color like blue or green. Small tricks like this will increase the effectiveness of your site in its design stages and when its in use by the public. Remember to use colors that add another interesting aspect to your site and you can’t go wrong…


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